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Page 136 of “Darkheim”! ^_^



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    1. Well, no, it’s not, but, remember: this is Gulvieg’s version of events, and she — according to Kaspar — controls Darkheim, demands sacrifices down the well from Sunheim to this day, and slowly transforms the denizens of Darkheim into cat-like pets such as Bobo. While her version of events reveals the evil done to her, it doesn’t absolve her of any evil that she may be doing, if she is doing such.

      And, just to tug at the heartstrings a little bit more, consider this: Gulvieg might be doing evil without intending to do evil; she may be cursed. Which, while that would absolve her of the intent to do evil, it would still leave her as a vessel of evil which must be destroyed for the sake of the innocent — and also the not-so-innocent — citizens of Sunheim.

      Sometimes, knowing how the monster in the story sees things just means we have to face the monsters in ourselves, too; it doesn’t make anything better. (Which is amazingly good story-telling, when it’s done right; see Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for an excellent example!)

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