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  1. Now that’s just plain rude! The polite way to get someone’s attention is to clear one’s throat; running them through is what one does when they ignore that.

  2. If he fell in the well first and had his sword aiming at her mom how did he stab her through the back? Is that a miscalculation when you were drawing this scene?

    1. Gerard is the one who’s stabbed her through the back, not Darwyn.

      If you read the text on this page, Gullveig says: “Then maybe I would have noticed… that Darwyn didn’t come alone”. Which means that Gerard was with Darwyn, they just didn’t notice until it was too late.

      Also, as shown on previous pages, Gerard is the one with the sword, while Darwyn is shown holding a knife in the previous page.

      I hope that clarified everything ^_^

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