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  1. I did NOT see that coming… although I’m most certain that no one else did, either. XD

  2. Now, here comes the “gotcha” clause, Clara; the sacrifice of a family member must come _after_ you are aware of the requirement. Otherwise, it’s not a sacrifice, you see; you’re not deliberately giving something up to effect a change. Magic (or “magick,” or “magik,” or “mnajique,” or whatever ridiculous way you want to spell ones attempts to impose fantasy on reality) is all about _intention_, after all.

    1. BTW- I’m not really trying to torment the poor girl. (Well, not much, anyway; we Infernal Hosts do have an obligation to contribute a _little_ bit to the misery of existence, lest things get out of balance and happiness ceases to have meaning, but that’s something else entirely). It’s just that this is a tale of dark horror fantasy, and so the protagonist can’t just get her Hero’s Journey handed to her on a silver platter, so to speak. Even though she may have already faced untold horrors in her life, to complete the task before her now, she must _accept_ the horror of her (literally) damned life and embrace that damnation willingly. Otherwise, she’s merely an innocent child who played with matches and got burned.

      There are whole world of difference between learning from bad experiences and growing through embracing and overcoming ones own innate capacity for evil.

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