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Page 76 of “Darkheim”!



8 thoughts on “Darkheim, Page 76

    1. Lol, left the test text in the book instead of the real one…yeeesh…(you are in fact supposed to be able to read what’s written there).

      And I even uploaded the wrong MLH version yesterday too…that goes to show what happens when I’m a bit stressed out because I’m almost too late to make the update for the day… ^_^;

      Anyway, fixed ^^

      1. Ha ha, well such can happen 😉 Maybe you should start taking the additional time if required, I don’t think people mind having to wait a day extra if you need it.

        Great work btw.

        1. Well, fortunately it doesn’t happen often…it’s just annoying and embarrasing that it should happen with two projects on the same day ^_^;

          1. ^_^

            You put too much pressure on yourself. okay, some people don’t help with alot of ‘Isn’t it out yet? it’s pass midnight in my timezone, how cares if it’s passed in your timezone’, and you put alot of deadlines onto yourself… and there are, of course, other pressures, often you can’t do too much about, but try to relax more ^_^

    2. Oh, that must have been hysterically funny! Non-canon, obviously, but really, really funny!

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