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  1. this isn’t going to end well.. the Start reminded me a little bit of Richard Upton Pickman though i’m pretty sure it wasn’t a factor.. not sure why.. apart from a thing in a well.. but it’s completely different and a completely different thing etc.. but well.. a bit near the end..
    “Richard Upton Pickman, the greatest artist I have ever known- and the foulest being that ever leaped the bounds of life into the pits of myth and madness. Eliot- old Reid was right. He wasn’t strictly human. Either he was born in strange shadow, or he’d found a way to unlock the forbidden gate. It’s all the same now, for he’s gone- back into the fabulous darkness he loved to haunt.”

  2. So….that’s the guy who slashed his own throat in the beginning? I thought that was the bad guy. Maybe not? 😛

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