Darkheim, Page 208 (end)



Page 208 of “Darkheim”! (Note: this page was supposed to have been released on the previous monday, but I’ve been away during the holidays and wasn’t able to do any of the planned work during that time).

With this page, the story of “Darkheim” has come to an end. It’s been a fun project for me to work with since the first page that was released in 2015, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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6 thoughts on “Darkheim, Page 208 (end)

  1. Congratulations! What a tremendous accomplishment! It is no small thing to see a long, multi-year project through like this. You now have unambiguous personal proof that you can do that, which will serve you well in life. Great job!

  2. Could someone please explain just what happened here? How dis Clara do whatever it was she did to bring this arc to an end?

  3. This is such a fun read! I really appreciate with how cool the story is and Clara is such a cutie omg <3

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