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  1. I was gonna comment when this went up.. then decided not to.. but then decided to again ^_^

    Be interesting to see where this bit goes cause it does confuse me a bit.. Depending on who is given the information as to how true it is.. but they are the souls of the ones who were sacrificed.. but the ones who were, have there unlife in darkheim and slowly turn into Cat like animals.. So that isn’t all the people? might need to double check.. Bobo was clearly sacrificed.. Ones like Clara’s grandfather weren’t, but were killed, in a way, related to it.. so he ended up in darkheim, but didn’t seam to suffer the transformation.. though some do it at a different speed to others.. This souls have been affected in a different way.. so.. how where they sacrificed but didn’t turn into creatures… or maybe that aren’t the souls but kinda reflections showing the souls of the ones there.. or maybe, the souls of ones who.. erm.. died again?…

    be interesting to see cause.. yeah, i’m a little confused ^_^

    1. Well, I guess I could have explained this better…but in short, the animal-like creatures are people who were originally sacrificed but were slowly transformed by Gullveig (which she mentions at //darkheim.com/darkheim-comic/darkheim-page-186 ). Since Gullveig never communicated directly with them during their transformation (for reasons that will be explained later), they didn’t know what was happening until the transformation was completed (like in the case with Bobo).

      “Darkheim” contains the restless souls of Sunheim, including souls of those that were not sacrificed…it’s an “underworld” of sorts, which is why the place is filled with spirits in addition to Gullveig’s familiars (which is explained a little bit here: //darkheim.com/darkheim-comic/darkheim-page-86 ). But only the ones that were sacrificed are trapped inside the demonic entity/curse.

      I hope that cleared it up a bit ^_^;

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