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  1. Yeah definitely something wrong with Gullveig here.. asking her own father to kill himself as part of her curse.. also I noticed she calls him ‘daddy’, she never called him daddy before, she only called him ‘dad’ or ‘father’. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything though.. 😛

    1. He’s willing, though. Back on pages 4 through 6, Vanya showed us the beginning of the curse that the events of this flashback have been leading up to. Gulvieg’s father has been destraught over his daughter’s death for over a year, at this point, and he blames the people of Sunheim for her murder. He very willingly slashes his own throat to join his daughter and start the curse. In his grief and agony, he apparently seems to think that the citizens of Sunheim deserve what’s coming to them.

      As for Gulvieg, well, ghosts are often portrayed in stories as being the vengeful dead, and the story we’ve been told so far certainly gives her cause to want vengeance, especially this soon (in the flashback) after her death. But, centuries later, after seeing how the curse has affected the lives of those who never knew her and certainly had nothing to do with her death, has she come to regret her actions? It seems so, or else why would Gulvieg now be trying to enlist Clara’s help in breaking the curse?

      But tthis curse ultiimately is one that demands willing sacrifice. What sacrifice will it demand of Clara, and will she be willing to pay the cost as she learns of the curse’s origins and what she must sacrifice to bring about its end?

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