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    1. I’m actually hoping that Gulvieg isn’t all that nasty but that the curse itself is. I can see it happening like this: still furious from her fairly recent and unjust death, and unaware of the full extent of her power, Gulvieg hits Sunheim with a truly dreadful curse requiring ongoing human sacrifice lest disaster befall the town. Over the years and centuries of seeing the outcome of that curse since her death, though, she has come to regret its horrific nature, and now wishes to break the curse and atone for its very high price upon the people of the town. She even knows just how high a price breaking the curse is going to demand of both her and Clara, but is willing to face that cost, anyway. (Poor Clara, though, has no idea what breaking that curse is going to require of her; will she balk when she learns what sacrifices she must face? Who knows?)

      I always did like a sympathetic villain caught in web of terrible circumstances; they’re so much more believable than some megalomaniac out to take over the world.

  1. problem is, while they are move ‘believable’.. they aren’t as realistic.. a megalomaniac wanting to take over the world has to be pretty thick to want to do that.. and that’s life. Tons of people want power for the sake of power.. pretty much anyone in upper governments, rapists, rich people, union workers, the list could go on..

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