Darkheim, Page 158



Page 158 of “Darkheim”!

Sorry about not updating with a new page last week. My father recently had a hip replacement surgery, which left him in a worse condition afterwards than expected. Thankfully, he’s starting to recover now, and things are getting back to normalĀ  ^_^



4 thoughts on “Darkheim, Page 158

  1. Please convey to your father our wishes for a complete and comfortable recovery hereafter.

    And, remember, Vanja: you’re always allowed to take a break when it’s needed. We, your fans, appreciate your work that you share with us, but we will certainly understand when life demands that you take care of yourself and your family before continuing with the story. After all, life’s enough of a slave-driver as it is. ;-p

    Here’s hoping that the New Year brings health and happiness!

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