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  1. This brings back something which has been in the back of my mind for a while.. It seams not all the sacrifices come back to ‘life’.. or maybe some weren’t sacrificed but thrown down the well to hide the bodies..

  2. Well, there goes my theory of Kaspar being the dark-haired priest from the story’s prologue…

      1. Gerard was the Priest.. well, fake Priest really ^_^ and the name changes based on background.. to some it’s Kasper, to others it’s Kaspar, to Harvey toons it’s Casper ^_^

        basically, Kaspar is normally the more Germanic spelling, Kasper is more Danish/Finish/Norwegian spelling (thus the use here) and Casper… i’m not sure.. I believe it was added due to a writing mistake (the original name was infact Gaspar or Gizbar, which is a Chaldean word (it was a small time county that was around the area of Babylon, got wiped out around the 6th century)..

        and that probably does it for knowledge on that point and probably a few slightly wrong facts.. I can’t remember if Gasper to Casper came before Gasper to Kasper or not..

        1. Thanks; that helps, actually!

          Gerard is the chestnut-haired character whom we know know from the Prologue and from Gulvieg’s story about the smugglers. I was talking about the unnamed priest impaled on the spike emerging from the portal in the Prologue. Apparently, he’s just scenery and not a major player. That’s cool, though; we now get to learn Kasper’s story and how he fits into this world.

          1. Actually, Tempy is right: Gerard is the black-haired character that becomes a priest after killing the real priest and blaming it on Gullveig.

            On the first page, the unnamed brown-haired character leading the mob refers to Gerard by name:


            He is also first introduced to Gullveig here:


            And here is when he kills the real priest:


            I hope that was clarifying ^_^

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