Darkheim, Page 14



Page 14 of “Darkheim”!

Together with this update I have also added Ray and Hobart to the “Characters” section ^_^





8 thoughts on “Darkheim, Page 14

  1. Wow, poor Clara…

    What did she do in the middle of the street in the first place?

    …and yeah, she will be back haunting them – hopefully :p

  2. Not to be a stickler, but the last sentence on Ray’s character card (last line)… shouldn’t that be makes A choice?

    Love the comic so far!!!! Bet the woods took forever to draw!

  3. I know this is immature and I am sorry, but I giggled like a immature kid at his mom having an experience once…

  4. Just found your comic, and really enjoyed it so far. I’ll definitely keep following!
    Thanks for sharing!

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