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Page 124 of “Darkheim”! ^_^



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  1. Ah, so, this might be Bobo’s backstory, after all! I’m still holding out for Bobo being a transformed Father Gerard.

    1. I think ‘father’ Gerard looks more like a villain to me.. I have a few theories, but of course I could be wrong ^^

      ~ My theory is that Bobo’s touch triggered another one of the witch’s visions, not that Bobo is someone else than, well, Bobo. Wether he did that intentionally or unintentionally (controlled by the witch) I’m not sure.

      ~ I think Gerard is a villain. My reasons for thinking that, is:

      a) First of all, Gullveig saw whatever she is seeing behind him when she first met him, which means he’s going to kill someone. And now he’s going to work with someone who does smuggling and wrecking.. not exactly something a good guy would do.

      b) On top of that, we saw him as a priest, killed by something sticking out of a well inside the church in the beginning of the comic, where Gullveig’s father is also present. Gullveig not being present at the time, gives me certain suspicions about what might have happened to her, and why the townspeople were hunting her father.

      c) In addition, Darwyn just mentioned there’s already a priest in Sunheim.. which means ‘something’ will happen to that priest in order to make Gerard the new one..

      However, that’s just my theories and I could be very wrong ^^

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